Friday, November 30, 2018

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Summer Poem

Drenched with sweat rolling across your body.
You feel dehydration once the sun makes its presence known.
The yummy cold ice block crunches in your mouth.
Irritating sand flies fly on your arm leaving a little pinch.
Happy kids joyfully play on hot sandy beaches.
On summer days the right footwear are Jandals,Sandals and Crocs.
Delicious bbq’s are such a divine.
Divers hunt for oysters,kina,mussels and other delicious seafood.
The burning hot sunny breeze easily gives you sunburn.
Even at night you have to uncomfortably sleep on the blanket.
Nice cold foamy waves are what you want to dive in.
Summer is a brilliant season and probably my favourite season,and autumn.

Summer is a great season!!!
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Thursday, August 9, 2018


Down below the Abraham Lincoln image 
is where I am writing.
We were learning how to make a Voki. 
And guess what we made them TALK!
We made them speak and talk about critique.  

Friday, July 6, 2018

Why we shouldn't have plastic bags persuasive writing

                                               Why we  shouldn’t have
                           Plastic Bags!!!!

Opening statement:
I strongly agree with no regret no hesitation that we… SHOULDN'T have plastic bags.
Did you know plastic bags have dangerous chemicals inside of them? Here’s reasons
why we shouldn’t have plastic bags. Enjoy.

They damage and kill our sea life. Plastic bags are great at harming our sea and the
creatures inside. So the idiotic plastic bags are seen dumped onto shore and brought
into the sea. And our poor poor turtles, fish and whales help themselves. Did you also
know that plastic bags kills tens thousands of marine life each year? For example on T.V
I saw whale on shore dead. So these people did an autopsy on the whale and found 18
plastic bags. 18 holy. I know the first paragraph is pretty heartbreaking but
unfortunately there’s more.

They are useless. No, no, no it’s true. Say for example if you are using a plastic bag to
store your groceries and say you are carrying heaps of milk inside. The weight of the
milks will just burst through the bag like a knife through paper. And that’s not it your
gallons of milk with splatter all over the place what a waste of money. Let’s move onto
the last thrilling sad paragraph.

They damage our environment. Sometimes when you walk on the beach or somewhere
else. You’d find tiny little pieces of rubbish. But then you’d look up and find plastic
bags invading the land. And worse our animals eat them as well. I know this paragraph
was short but deadly at the same time.


I hope that convinced you  why we shouldn’t have plastic bags I hope I told you the
real backstory behind those filthy things.   

Wednesday, June 27, 2018



1. Giving tickets
2. Finding our seats
3. Getting emotional

There I was at the Whakamax movies sitting on the greasy soggy seats.
Looking at the upcoming movies on the tv. I had my food in my hand it was
called the adult pack.
Ice cream,popcorn and a drink my drink was Lift. Cause they had no L&P.
The dude stood there waiting patiently for us to give him the tickets.
My aunty stood up saying “Ohhhh” nearly dozing off. We gave the bearded man
his tickets and he let us through. We were watching Avengers Infinity War.

I zoomed up the steps nearly face planting on the floor. I made it into cinema 3
I think or 4. We were the first ones there. We had the front row I had a great view of
the screen. A while later a whole swarm of people came storming in.
I devoured my ice cream a little while later the movie finally started.
We got half way through the movie and that’s when everything got emotional.
You ready to go to the next paragraph let’s go shall we.

It got very sad I mean VERY sad. Some of the big characters started dying.
Just out of the blue. Gamora died that green lady in Guardians of the Galaxy.
By the best man Thanos. He threw her off a cliff to get the soul stone.
I didn’t really care about her anyway and Scarlet Witch. She was dumb.
But let’s get to the emotional bits. Bucky Barnes, Spiderman, Black Panther
turned to dust. Scarlet Witch,Groot,Drax turned to dust. Vision dead.
Star Lord, Mantis, Falcon turned to dust it was very sad.
But Thanos survived yes. But at the end end Nick Fury and his lady friend Hills
were driving their SUV.
Then crazy stuff happened cars crashed into them with no one inside.
Helicopters crashed into buildings. So anyways Nick Fury started screaming
“Code blue Code blue”. But when he just turned around he noticed that Hills
was turning to dust. Nick Fury had this old contacter he realized he was
turning to dust. So he turned to dust the contacter fell onto the ground.
It said sending then the Captain Marvel sign went up. The End.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018