Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Summer Poem

Drenched with sweat rolling across your body.
You feel dehydration once the sun makes its presence known.
The yummy cold ice block crunches in your mouth.
Irritating sand flies fly on your arm leaving a little pinch.
Happy kids joyfully play on hot sandy beaches.
On summer days the right footwear are Jandals,Sandals and Crocs.
Delicious bbq’s are such a divine.
Divers hunt for oysters,kina,mussels and other delicious seafood.
The burning hot sunny breeze easily gives you sunburn.
Even at night you have to uncomfortably sleep on the blanket.
Nice cold foamy waves are what you want to dive in.
Summer is a brilliant season and probably my favourite season,and autumn.

Summer is a great season!!!
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  1. jaxon i really like your poem and your photo they suit the poem and the photo
    i really like you poem by nikau

  2. I like how your picture suits your writing and the interesting words you used.


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